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The role of functional feed additives after AGPs ban

Published: September 4, 2018
Antibiotic resistance overview Global meat production increased by almost 20% in the last decade, where the pork and poultry industries showed the highest level of expansion. Rapid urbanization and increasing incomes have had a strongly positive effect on animal protein consumption. Improvements in feed technology and animal production systems have contributed to the shift from extensive to ...
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Daniel Ramirez, Veterinarian, MBA.
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Shah Alam
Century Agro Ltd
12 de septiembre de 2018

I appreciate such a policy which is more valuable human health. There are many functional feed additives in the market which can replace AGPs. like coated butyric acid plus mid-chain fatty acid, prebiotics & probiotics etc. To implement this policy all stakeholders in this industry have to work together for a long time. All of us have to say no to pollution & adulteration.
Thanks to all.

Jim Currie
10 de marzo de 2020
Synthetic components of essential oils like Carvacrol give effectiveness with greater cost savings.
Otto Mack Junqueira
UNESP - Universidad Estatal Paulista
2 de diciembre de 2021

Congratulations on your approach to an issue that is still causing a lot of controversy, which is the withdrawal of antibiotics as growth promoters. We understand that prophylaxis measures, efficient biosafety programs and commercially available additives will make it possible to eliminate AGP once and for all, even those that are proven to be not absorbed by the digestive tract of birds. After all, which is the company that demonstrably evaluates the results of a given AGP? What method was used for this assessment?

It is known that AGPC has no beneficial or harmful effect on many swine and poultry farms. It is already known that many farms in Brazil have abolished AGP and that is not why there has been any decrease in performance. Even without taking into account the resistance factor, we do question the benefits of using AGP’s, and we are absolutely sure that their use is already over.

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