Article published the December 17, 2021
INTRODUCTIONThe swine slaughtering process is affected by practices that go from the establishment of fasting on the farm to the slaughtering stage in the slaughterhouse. Animals are subjected to practices that will directly reflect on the quality of their carcass, and on how meat cuts will be ranked as more or less valuable in the market. Thus, pre-slaughter phases are fundamentally relevant to t ...
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Congratulations on your approach to an issue that is still causing a lot of controversy, which is the withdrawal of antibiotics as growth promoters. We understand that prophylaxis measures, efficient biosafety programs and commercially available additives will make it possible to eliminate AGP once and for all, even those that are proven to be not absorbed by the digestive tract of birds. After al ...
Article published the December 3, 2018
IntroductionYear after year laying hens are becoming more productive, largely due to great success in genetic improvements. However, this improvement in productivity has made the animals increasingly demanding in nutrition, health and management. From the nutritional point of view, one important requirement is undoubtedly that related to increased egg production and improvement in eggshell quality ...
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