Effects of housing conditions and glutamine levels on growth performance of post-weaning piglets

Published on: 09/24/2017
Author/s : Arturo Pardo Lozano, Angela Rocio Poveda-Parra, Eduardo Raele, Aliny Kétilim Novais, Roberta Abrami Monteiro da Silva, Graziela Drociunas Pacheco, David Gavioli, Danyel Bueno Dalto, Caio Abércio da Silva. / Universidade Estadual de Londrina, UEL, Londrina, PR, Brasil.

Introduction Currently in Brazil there are no standardized housing systems for weaned pigs, and therefore, a big range of different facilities are observed in pig farms. Although some studies have evaluated individual risk factors related to health status and growth performance (MORES et al., 1998; DALLA COSTA et al., 2000), studies regarding the evaluation of risk factors in housing conditions ...

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Steffen Hansen Steffen Hansen
Animal Nutritionist
September 24, 2017
I do not understand the trial design you have applied. Is it correct that the space per pig was different in the two treatment groups; AD = 0.7 m2 and INAD = 1.4 m2 per pig?
April 27, 2020
Dear Steffen Hansen,
Yes, you are right. Not just space per pig but many other parameters were different because we were evaluation different housing systems, not specific features.
Thank you
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