Article published the March 11, 2020
INTRODUCTION Serious public health and economic issues are related to foodborne pathogens. Many discussions have been raised on the impact of these micro-organisms of food safety in the last decade, among them the role of Salmonella in pork is of major interest (Henao et al., 2010). Despite technological advances, Salmonella is still an important issue to the pork industry worldwide. Out of the ...
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Article published the February 6, 2020
1. Introduction Animal products and by-products are the only natural source of vitamin B12 (B12) in human diets. Considering that B12 is synthesized exclusively by bacteria and archaebacteria (when cobalt is not limiting), ruminant animals (e.g., cows) obtain the vitamin from synthesis by their ruminal microflora. The vitamin is further absorbed and stored in their body, which explain why th ...
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Article published the January 24, 2018
  1. Introduction Among various metabolic pathways present in the organism, the metabolism of sulfur- (S) methionine and its seleno- (Se) analogous (Se-methionine) are particularly important because they not only contribute to protein mass but also produce (Se) homocysteine, a key metabolite connecting two fundamental metabolic functions, the one-carbon metabolism and the antioxidative syst ...
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Article published the August 25, 2017
Introduction Currently in Brazil there are no standardized housing systems for weaned pigs, and therefore, a big range of different facilities are observed in pig farms. Although some studies have evaluated individual risk factors related to health status and growth performance (MORES et al., 1998; DALLA COSTA et al., 2000), studies regarding the evaluation of risk factors in housing conditions ...
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Article published the March 14, 2016
Introduction. The magnesium is the second more abundant cation on intracellular environment, the fourth more concentrated in the human body and a co factor necessary for vital enzymatic reactions in different metabolic pathways, including the glycolytic pathway. This element act on the modulation for the neuromuscular activity and act in the autonomic cardiac control (HEATON, 1973).   Th ...
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Article published the February 16, 2016
  The total number of born piglets increases with parities, but the higher prolificacy results in lower individual average birth weights and more heterogeneous litters. Variations in piglets’ birthweights are related to their number of muscular fibers resulting in variable performances after birth (Rehfeldt and Kuhn 2006).   The skeletal muscle in mammals begins to be developed ...
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