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Effects of Dietary Protein Content and Crystalline Amino Acid Supplementation Patterns on Growth Performance of Weaned Pigs Raised Under Different Sanitary Conditions

Published on: 03/14/2021
Author/s : J. Caroline González-Vega – Evonik Operations GmbH. John K. Htoo, n/a – Evonik Operations GmbH. Jinyoung Lee, MSc, University of Manitoba. Chengbo Yang, Associate Professor, University of Manitoba. Martin Nyachoti, Professor and Head, University of Manitoba.

The objective of this experiment was to determine the effects of dietary crude protein (CP) content and crystalline amino acids (CAA) supplementation patterns on the growth performance of weaned pigs under clean (CSC) or unclean sanitary conditions (USC). One hundred forty-four piglets (6.35 ± 0.63 kg BW) were housed under CSC or USC for 3 wk and assigned to 1 of 3 diets: a high CP (HCP; 21...

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March 14, 2021

Dr. Nyachoti, as the possible basis for the results obtained was lacking, with the presentation of only the summary, there were some doubts that I believe are important. Taking advantage of his vast experience in the subject, he would like to make the following considerations. FIRST; I believe that, in the case of a study involving different sanitary conditions, it would be interesting to evaluate some parameters of the animals' immune system, in order to characterize the efficiency of the challenge methodology used. SECOND; as food consumption did not vary between treatments, the best feeding efficiency of animals in an unchallenged environment should not improve their weight gain. In this specific case, even if this possible improvement is not significant, it could not be presented as a percentage of increase.

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