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Sales and Marketing of Poultry and Cattle Feeds Sales. Products,Pricing,Physical distribution&Promotion. Planning and formulating the strategies to achieve the growth in both top line and bottom line.
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It is well known to us that methionine and lysine are the two most limiting amino acids in the ration dairy animals. Rumen microbial protein is the best source of these two amino acids. In fact, the level of lysine and methionine content of the microbial protein is very similar to that of milk protein.Enhanced rumen microbial output by way of using various feed additives, including the proper stra ...
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Ewa Sujka, Head of Sales Department at Liptosa, introduces Coccilip for the Indian Subcontinent, a phytogenic specially designed to control coccidia in animal production and minimizes the risk of secondary bacterial enteritis, during Poultry India 2019.
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A Ashraf thanks for the comment. What is sure is that in organic farming, animal nutrition is even more important than in conventional systems so that the use of feed additives is more needed and then legislation should be modified. If not, the launch of food miles and other kind of "sustainability" brands will have more sense than organic if we want to produce more sustainably. Sometimes organic ...
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Detailed article. Thanks, Mr. Alfredo.Organic way is not going to help and support food security. It is a bottleneck for the development of the livestock sector.
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1. Introduction 1.1.  Arguments Scheme of the Paper In Figure 1 a graphical abstract is provided in order to facilitate the understanding of the article and its storyline. 1.2. The Global Context: Producing Sustainably in the Face of an Increasing Demand for Animal Protein and the Risk of Food Insecurity The livestock sector is and will be in the spotlight, as it must satisfy the g ...
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I want to know in a simple way.Could you please tell me the incorporation level of Bypass Fat in daily concentrate feed ration based on the stages, body weight and milk production of the Cows in order to exploit the genetic potential of the cow and to get better ROI?
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Fernando Díaz (Rosecrans Dairy Consulting, LLC) talked about fat content in DDGS for dairy cattle, during the 22nd Annual Distillers Grains Symposium in Des Moines, Iowa.
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Alfredo J. Escribano Thanks. It is my pleasure.
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A Ashraf I’ll be happy to talk
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