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Dear Sir,We Don't have any experience regarding the use of our charcoal in ruminants; the main applications are poultry (broilers mainly) and swine. Which effects did you observe with bamboo charcoal in dairy cows?Regards,Jonathan
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Dear sirMy thesis was effect of pyrolysed bamboo charcoal on rumen fermentation and received some interesting results. How would you think that apply pyrolysed charcoal in ruminant diet?
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We have recently developed dry cow formulation which acts as a sealant and is very effective without any antibacterial agent. The formulation is biodegradable. The seal has been found to prevent entry of any bacteria from the floor environment.Another formulation which we have recently developed and now available in the market is a barrier-type teat dip. The principle here is that in India cows an ...
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Practical experience of field veterinarians is, If it is a subclinical mastitis case or recurrent mastitis case such animal take more inseminations to settle in pregnancy. While animal with second or third degree endometritis will have low milk yield or low fat or low Total solid not fat (SNF) and veterinarian mostly concentrates on the health of uterus. One more factor subclinical acidosis cases ...
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As mastitis can be of multi-focal origin, addressing route cause can differ among herds. In my opinion, multi-station studies are required to prove the efficacy of any product. Moreover, DIM (Days In Milk) can hugely influence SCC, selection of animals at their late, early or end-of-mid lactation phase can show slightly high somatic cell count (which is absolutely normal) and can be confused with ...
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Quality is the challenge in the herbal medicines/ products. We are mostly focusing on the quality and not compromised with the price that's the reason all the herbal products of Ayurvet show better efficacy. In case of mastitis as we know sub-clinical mastitis is of great concern because farmers can only see the outer manifestation of disease in form of clinical signs. Mastilep woks better for pre ...
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