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Pigs are called a poor man's cow. The most important item are the feeds. If you can plant maize for a season, it'll give you a good start before you stock either piglets or pregnant sow. Feeding decides your ease or difficulty in piggery. Remember the more they grow and multiply, more and more feeds will be required. A visit to a farm will show you the basic housing. And feeding regimes. Remem ...
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I am a student at the University of Botswana and want to start pig farming but I don't know where to start. Please, can you help..
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Currently I am in Botswana and our family is rearing pork for potential commercial selling, our sheds at this moment are not in tip top shape but we have atleast 36 sows and boers 25 and the piglets have not been counted. We would like to build infrastructure in order to meet the Department of Agriculture Research requirements so as to start selling. we are situated in Letlhakane la Orapa, Central ...
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You have a very nice question. My shared idea is that... before you proceed in how many females and boars you must to produce in start up of your pig farm business....firstly, how many square meters is your proposed farm. If say example you have only 200 square meters of farm land for your pigs., the computation per pig from 1st month of growing of 1 piglet until 4 months is atleast you must to pr ...
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