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Root cause is provision of oxygen So improve mangemnt ie ventillation rather preserving temp. Ventillation is primary ,temp is secondary Cost of fuel will be less than loss due to water balley Dnt dilute feed .it will affect overall efficency. Only improve ventillation reduce ammonia level to perform lungs normaly
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Same problems I´m facing nowadays but no treatment is effective. You may use cipro
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Oh yes. I 100% agreed that humidity s the main main parameter to be controlled to get fresh environment in the shed
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Litter condition is looking moist and of dark colour at this early age (11 days) that indicate malventillstion during current humid season. I think along with feed toxicity ; heat index ( felt temp.) Continuous humid environment at 33 to 30 c temperature may be the basic cause of this immunosup. So must be rectification in house environment along with medication.
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Can we use vc daily in drinking water for broiler production in hot season?
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I agree, but nontechnical farmars do not admit it. They carry on putting feed additive.
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Yes biosecurity is the main thing to focus in poultry buiseness.
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