Dr. Beny Perelman
DVM, Specialist in Poultry Diseases and Management, Ostrich Medicine Expert
DVM in poultry field since 1975 head of diagnostic poultry laboratory in israel from 1981-1997 Teacher at the Faculty of Agriculture Dept. Animal Sciences. Poultry Vaccines and Vaccinology Expert
DVM, Specialist in Poultry Diseases and Management, Ostrich Medicine Expert
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Prolapse of the cloaca is a multifactorial problem observed in layersMost of the commercial firms make selection for high egg production in white and brown linesToday most of the commercial lines are excellent lines with a high potential og high productivity for a long time.in the past, some of the prolapse problems observed were more related to the genetic selection, but in the last decade almost ...
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MG is considered a serious economic threat in poultry.All branches can become infected at any age and broilers are among the most affected as the commercial conditions and rapid growth promote the susceptibility of the birds to the MG infection and secondary E coli severe CRD complication.Layers and breeders may suffer from a very light drop in egg production, but in breeders the MG is transmitted ...
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Dr. Mohammad Akram Dear Dr.Control of IB in breeders and layers depends on two main factors:1. What IB (Variants) are causing the problem?2. What vaccines are available and what vaccination program are you using during the rearing period.The combination of 4-91 (IB-Var1 group= 793B) with any Manchester vaccination strain Ma5 or H-120, may help to reduce the economic damage but it is not always eno ...
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Socorro Magdalena Escorcia MartínezHi SocorroIB viruses have a natural tendency for changing, especially in the S1 region.There is no need for using different variants of IB viruses to get the mutations.During many many years, all the world used the H-120 IB classic strain to vaccinate. Despite it, many different and new variants developed such as the 793B, QX, IB-Var2 (Israel).Some of thes ...
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Control of salmonella through acidification of drinking water is only one of many steps to be taken to really control Salmonella in chickens. Acidified water specially with organic acids and a pH lower than 4 may prevent replication of Salmonella in the water system and pipes but in most cases has no effect at all at the gut level. there is some misunderstanding about the way this acidification is ...
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To all friend in Engromix We have been dealing with H9N2 viruses in Israel for more than a decade, the virus became endemic in many areas affecting turkeys, broilers and breeders. the H9N2 virus has changed antigenically during the last 15 years and we have been using inactivated vaccines to reduce the economic damage caused by H9N2 viruses. up to date we have been dealing with 4 different antigen ...
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Dear Dr. The new IB variants such as the QX like and Variant 2, are well known to cause serious problems on the reproductive tracts of layers and breeders when infected at young age or during the laying period. pullets infected even after 5 weeks and older may have a serious reduction in the egg production peak and in some cases the typical oviduct cysts can be observed. in order to control the da ...
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Gangrenous dermatitis is a more complicated disease than just the precense of the bacteria mentioned previously. in many cases gangrenous dermatitis occurs in young chickens broilers or layers that suffer from immunossupression due to CAV (chicken anemia virus). on top of the immunossupression Clostridium , Staph or E. coli can easily multiply and cause the clinical picture of gangrenous dermatit ...
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