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Is there any difference in providing the same amount of energy from carbohydrates and fats/oils?Effect of reduced energy can cause the same negative effect at any stage of production.
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Are we talking about water restriction in early days or through out life..adopting current recommendation to dtart with 18/19 °C water and even in testing to water at lower temp. Considering standard 1.8 to 2 times of feed if we control volume over and above to improve litter condition controlling in house humidity and better environment.plz comment. Thanks
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Cheapest feed ingredient, highest anti nutritional effects.first calcium satiety ,now its role in neurotic enteritis. NRC suggest 1% ,CVB suggest 0.88%,AB vista experimented with 0.84 and 0.82% in BARC Thailand with no negative effect on performance. We are standing on cross road looking where to go. Comments from participants requested.
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It's an important topic as the toxins are on the rise all around the world reasons are many. Our concern is how to control these toxins through different strategies other than conventional toxin binders. More discussions should be brought forward like the one discussed above.
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It took about 10 years to come into line light the role of monogastric animals. As the genetics is progressing towards lean birds high appetiteFantastic FCR and nutrient utilization to counter balancing the effect, slowing down the passage rate for better absorption and increasing gut size for enhanced gut surface area for improved absorption.As nutritionist are focusing fiber solubilization as a ...
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Dear IntanRight you are one can get better uniformity of particle size with roller mill and having proper number of groves in one inch on roller produce best particles. Current day rations are Corn Soya based if Soya is flaked it's good. Particle size in mesh feed is of great importance as Dr Perter Ferket mention the percentages of course particle.PDI index is that's why important particularly in ...
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Dear Ali Afsar Very good nice presentation covering all possible aspect to be care for for getting maximum from a phytase enzyme.Direct and indirect effect of different minerals and other enzyme regarding it enhancing efficacy of Phytase enzyme.Hope more detailed work on points highlighted will improve use of enzyme and performance of feeds.keep sharing more.
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Interesting article about Enzyme Solutions for Poultry Diets.What might be useful is a table of potential enzyme activity for different feed raw materials. This would be particularly useful when trying to add on a new raw material to the feed ration
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Over last decade enzymes have become more and more prominent from standard to super dosing to double dosing reasons could be two either the substrate is higher or efficacy of enzyme is lower. Current recommendations to first calculate all anti nutrition factors and make a cocktail enzyme mic to get synergistic effect. What is the ideal PH it is up to 6.5 and optimum temp? In areas where drinking w ...
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