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Its 11.30 pm in Multan Pakistan temp is 34°C humidity 68%
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When we discuss issue of forced ventilation in EC houses with different type of fans currently we talk about we assume cone fans with shutters instead of butter fly.Most discussed are broiler flocks.;what is the effect of all this on broiler breeders as in adult heavy birds wind chill effect is much different;in different geographical regions temp humidity ratio is higly variable. Currently we in ...
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Have one building using all variable speed fans. Cycling between 30% and 100% depending on summer and winter conditions. Ventilation at extremely low temps much more stable and comfortable by elimination of minimum cycling of fans at these temps. Fans are also controllable by automated environmental systems meaning that ventilation can be lowered even during evaporative cooling season increasing c ...
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Syed Farjad Zaidi We have a special intelligent fan control unit. This unit can be installed and needs an input signal from the excising climate controller. The signal must be 0-10Vdc related to the calculated ventilation capacity.
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Introduction Using quails as a model for poultry production was already evaluated by Wilson et al (1961), and by Nelson (1966) specifically for egg yolk color. More recent references of quails as a model for chickens’ egg yolk color have not been found. This work updates the one of Nelson with present birds’ strains and pigments to predict laying hens’ egg yolk color from quails ...
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Mike Persia (Virginia Tech) explained his research on amino acid requirements -particularly tryptophan and valine- and egg quality, during the Multi-State Poultry Feeding and Nutrition Conference in Indianapolis, USA.
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Maxx Performance was founded in 2004 with a simple goal: to extend the useful life of feed additive ingredients using microencapsulation technologies—and bring about true innovation on behalf of our customers and their consumers. Maxx Performance will use Engormix as a platform to communicate its latest findings. We help raw ingredients realize their true potential. Here ar ...
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What I am writing is my personal experience and view.This article should have published 30 years ago.Nutrion has moved from crude protein based to energy based.. to total aminoacid based to digestible protein based now based on digestible amino acid based with balanced ME. In EC houses broiler is attaining 2200 GM's in 34/35 days with a FCR of 1.5 to 1.55 .Brazil is one of the most efficient perf ...
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Elizabeth Davis Thanks for your prompt responce.After reading the context will share my views. Thanks & regards Syed Farjad Zaidi
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