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I completely agree with your research data regarding climate effect on mold growth and mycotoxins production.
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INTRODUCTIONFood security has become a very important issue worldwide and the potential effects of climate change on yields and quality of food is now receiving significant attention by scientists, especially from a risk analysis perspective. The moldy contamination of staple foods such as cereals has received attention because of their acute and chronic effects in humans and animals. Indeed, the ...
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Depends on the kit assay. Sometimes screening kits may provide false positive reactions. But you can use positive and negative controls along with calibration standards and QC for more accurate results. You can also compare with cross reference method of LC-MS/MS which is more expensive. Hope this will be helpful.
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I would suggest also investigate other enzymes of liver (like a aspartate-aminotransferase ASt and CYP 450 or other key enzymes to get a full picture of aflatoxicosis.
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I know that in many poultry farms mycosorbents added to feed and that's why they didn't need to measure mycotoxins content, also it is a very small potential risk for human
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INTRODUCTIONWidespread use of cereal grains and cereal-based products as main sources of food and feeds a prerequisite for settle the strategic importance of their safety [16, 17, 18, 20, 39, 48, 49].As suggested by literature data the most important of various microflora of cereals and cereal products /molds, yeasts, bacteria/ are the filamentous fungi or molds [4, 5]. Produced by a range of myco ...
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Dear N.Magan Thank you very much for such global and interesting topic. I'm cited your publish work in my articles and works related with cereals contamination by mycotoxins and would like to contact with you in future
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Of course, it's a good way for testing modified phylosilicate in other source of food and feed.
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