Article published the March 16, 2021
1. IntroductionUp to 80% of food items of plant origin worldwide are estimated to be contaminated with mycotoxins, toxic secondary metabolites of fungi, at levels above the limit of detection (LOD) [1]. Mycotoxins threaten the health and productivity of humans and domesticated animals through dietary exposure at both acute and sub-acute contamination levels in the diet [2,3]. Many countries regula ...
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Article published the September 30, 2016
1. Introduction Mycotoxins are toxic secondary metabolites produced by molds under favorable conditions, and they cause losses for farmers, reduce the value of contaminated feed and affect both animal health and productivity. The major problem associated with animal feed contaminated with mycotoxins is not acute disease episodes, but rather the ingestion of a low level of toxins which may cause an ...
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Article published the March 13, 2013
IntroductionThe term mycotoxin designates a chemically diverse group of secondary fungal metabolites [1–3], mainly produced by species of the Aspergillus, Penicillium or Fusarium genus [4,5]. Depending on classification, 300–400 mycotoxins are known today [6]. Contamination may occur in the field as well as during (improper) storage and is largely dependent on environmental factors [7, ...
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Video published on October 9, 2008
Video published on October 9, 2008
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