Daniel Molina Meza
Médico Veterinario
Aptitudes profesionales para el planeamiento, implementación, supervisión y evaluación de proyectos del sector farmacéutico veterinario (especialmente avícola) en el campo de I+D+i
Médico Veterinario
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This broiler chickens “specialized” course is an overview of important infectious and non-infectious diseases at different stages of breeder and broiler production. The objective of the WVEPAH education program is to offer a highly specialized training on all specific aspects of broilers (meat chickens) health; pathology, epidemiology, genetics, nutrition, immunology, management, etc ...
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Introduction Plant materials including flowers, roots, bark, leaves, seeds, peel, fruits, and wood can be used to extract aromatic and volatile liquids known as essential oils (EOs) (1–3). These EOs have a long history of use for medical purposes, in perfumes and cosmetics, and as herbs and spices for foods. EOs are considered to be secondary metabolites in plants; secondary metabolites are ...
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May 25, 2012
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