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Nguyen nhu nguyen : To get good protraction against IB infection from variants strains like QX you must give the vaccines at day one Mass+variants to avoid false layer during production. As soon I see this problem this means flock got the infection first 2 weeks
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Antibiotics have been added to livestock in Industrial farms since 1946 to caused animal to grow faster and put on weight more efficiently. Between 1985 and 2001, the use of antibiotics in feed for industrial livestock production rose a startling 50%. As global demand for animal protein grows, antibiotics used to raise food-producing animals in intensive production mostly to promote growth rathe ...
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Hi Dr. Ganapathi, Excellent presentation and very informative.
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We are currently marketing two different formulation for control of salmonella. 1) Raafres - formulation of organic acids with MOS, B-Glucan with sustained release technology. It acidifies GI tract crop to cloaca, litter is also acidified. Sustained release technology of organic acids acidifies entire GI tract keep in check not only salmonella but e-coli also. 2) Vireck Total - for drinking wate ...
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Dear Bouayad , First thank you for your comments . Yes we were worried if the vaccine still working against different H9N2 isolation specially when we have seen mortality in vaccinated flocks , I have done a a study for 3 isolation from different countries and we have found out that they are not much different from vaccines strain, what we have found that other diseases were playing a role in th ...
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Ben Letor, Director of Innovad, introduces Vitalite Energy Chick, during VIV Asia 2017, in Thailand. This is a unique form and texture encourage intake from young birds. An innovative gel technology for on farm use – Nutritional and rehydration supplement for day old chicks. It is a booster that offers different protective and active ingredients to ensure a proper intestinal start-up.
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Mohammad Hafeez Visit the site and register for the training.
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Ibrahim Ahmed Visit the site and register for the training
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Dr. Husam Very valuable information . Great !! Thanks a lot for sharing .
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Good work !!! Keep going Very comprehensive and detailed info provided to the benefit of poultry professionals . Thanks Dr. Husam
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