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Participation in Forum on September 25, 2020
Hello there, thanks for the review, enjoyed reading it. Similarly to what Danish researchers claim, it would be a good approach feeding two different diets in lactation, though probably management-wise is not the best. And you show some general recommendations, such as intermediary and low NSP levels: what could you elaborate a bit further and give some indications in % inclusion and even which iC ...
Participation in Forum on May 17, 2020
Hello once more. There are ways in formulating with Ca matrix without affecting performance, respecting the level to be declared in the label - very important - and benefiting the phytase effect in a more efficient usage of the Ca provided in the diet. I wrote it a while ago...Cheers and great Sunday from Colmenar Viejo, Madrid.
Participation in Forum on May 4, 2020
Morning, hello there. Very interesting discussion, thanks for illustrating us. I have a question for Mercedes and Juxing; your answers, reflections, I assumed, are considering enzymes addition in dry form. What would be the effect if we would spray proteases + phytases + NSPases, let´s say more or less during a short period of time, or even at the same time over the pellet? Any experience? M ...
Participation in Forum on April 29, 2020
Hello from Colmenar Viejo, Spain. Enzymes need a certain level of substrate in the feed so that they work like a key-lock complex. If we take look to ruminants, these poligastric animals can digest plenty of various fibrous materials due to their capacity - due to the microflora in rumen- to produce fibrolytic enzymes. Monogastrics, on the other hand, don´t show this capacity - some fermenta ...
Participation in Forum on February 5, 2020
Hello again. Respecting all opinions, from my experience, I would certainly use a tot Ca value as a matrix - the phytase has an sparing effect of Ca by avoiding its chelation to the phytate-, but then for the rest of the ingredients I would add to the existing tot Ca, a new value - identical to the total Ca-, called "label", "analytical"..., you name it. After the LCF exercise, you´ll get the solu ...
Participation in Forum on January 10, 2020
Hello. Any nutrient defined as digestible is, in principle, potentially of use to the animal. Total has much less meaning vs digestible from the nutritive stand point.
Participation in Forum on January 9, 2020
Hello there. Mick´s comments are, to me, absolutely correct! Phytases do have an effect in making tot Ca of the diet more available to the bird. But to reflect this effect correctly without making mistakes in what real Ca can be measured in your feed, then use 2 Ca values for each ingredient: Ca analytical - I call it Ca label - and tot Ca (biological by Mick). However, for the phytase, just ...
Participation in Forum on November 14, 2019
Aaron, I found your comment absolutely key; we, so many times get tied to endless discussions on which should be the level of enzyme addition without paying attention to the amount of potentially reactive substrate. Thanks and take care. Rafa.
Participation in Forum on October 3, 2019
Silvia, many thanks for answering my questions in such short period - believe me when I say at times questions are not answered -. They are very clear and helped me getting the concept of your protease and what to expect when it is combined either with carbohydrase and/or with a phytase. Interesting point as well that one of the intestinal health. Take care during your next trips!
Participation in Forum on September 26, 2019
Dear Rahat, in case you'd like to know more about what you ask, then there is a need of a F2F meeting or a more detailed conversation. Are you by any means in the area of any DuPont office? At least I would say there is a clear relationship enzyme dosage substrate when it comes to the phytase. Cheers.
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