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Hello there, it's been a long time since the last time I wrote.........thanks for the short paper on CP in piglet diets. My question here would be: you are recommending a CP reduction in PW diets, but to what level would you say, in the very first diet and don´t you think using high CP of very good quality proteins at least 1-2 weeks would help the young animals, so that they, with next diet ...
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Very interesting Jerry. You mentioned the E content is same as corn; we formulate here in EU mostly with NE, not ME, could you underline if ME/NE wise still E content is equal or less in the second case due to high CP, high NDF content? And, in case is not too much asking: any comment on your experiences in the US with corn DDGS in both pregnant and lactating sows. Highly appreciate your answers, ...
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Many thanks Mike, great to know. I like when I see I know so little after all these years, so that I keep learning. Cheers from Colmenar Viejo, Spain.
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Hi again Mike, and thanks for your comments. So let me see if I got it well: NSPases included will "encourage", by means of releasing shorter molecules- AXOS?- from that specific undigested fibre in diet, to try and digest more efficiently the rest of it? Apologies by coming back to you again......And many thanks again.
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Hello there, long time no see. Good and interesting work Mike, but let me make a comment here. This balance fermentable CH/Protein you talk about, how would it be possible to let´s say, monitor in some way. I would argue how different that could be depending on which grain is the main one used in your diets - barley, wheat, corn -, and how much it can vary if the enzyme used is a simple acti ...
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Interesting work presented, congratulations. My question then is from which day should we try to influence microbiota in birds - by feeding certain probiotics - and for how long? Yet, how do we influence the microbiota by increasing digestibility of feeds? Many thanks from Madrid, Rafa.
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Mike, many thanks for taking your time answering my questions. All clear. Rafa from Madrid!
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Thanks Mike for this interview and very interesting answers on this topic. Since you mention phytases within the responses, would you be so kind as to give an opinion on what are your thoughts on three topics: i) high dosages of phytase, effect beyond P and other minerals release/availability; ii) high ZnO dosages, how do you think they would interfere with phytase, what your recommendation would ...
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Great discussions from all you. I liked very much my dear friend Andrés´comment/example on how we use to feed and kill bacteria thereafter with AGP. Reality is such that all these tools mentioned by you all can help, but with a good sense in its utilization. Moreover also mentioned, management, sanity, environmental conditions are of key importance. I come from the swine sector, yes, sorry about t ...
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Very interesting and would be great to have as well some comments on how pigs cope with soluble and indigestible or more fermentable fibre. They have higher digestive capacity, so more to benefit from. Thanks for the paper, Rafa from Spain.
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