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Participation in Forum on December 28, 2011
Dear Sir, Very Nice article.Pl Provide some other valuable article to the Engormix Website to the benefit of the poultry industry.
Participation in Forum on December 21, 2011
Very good article with full of field problems and the Solution for the same.Thanks for the author.
Participation in Forum on December 20, 2011
The addition of the Betaine in the diet may partially reduce the ascites in broilers.
Participation in Forum on December 20, 2011
The Poultry is one of the area in which the farmer is getting the income with in 35 to 42 days.In the most of the month in the year is fully profitable only for the broiler production and some month the selling price may be less than the production cost at the time the farmer knowledge will help in reducing the Broiler Production cost.The technical efficiency will improve the Broiler Production ef ...
Participation in Forum on November 21, 2011
Dear Friends, The Main cause of the Stunted growth were the malabsorption,the cause may be different etiology either viral , bacterial ,fungal (Mycotoxin). The main potential etiology were Mycotoxins , enterovirus and reovirus. The mycotoxin concern mainly feed borne and concentration involved in the incidence of the stunted. Prevention: I thing there is no effective treatment for severely affecte ...
Participation in Forum on November 17, 2011
Very good article.The Egg size in the early stage is a major concern now a days because Now the Egg price determined by Egg size also in some places. The Same time Body weight Management as well as the Cumulative Energy and Protein intake till the pre lay stage also determine the egg size in the early stage.
Participation in Forum on November 7, 2011
This things can be applicable for the all the situation including India.We can maximum focus on the Bio Security measures to control the Avian Influenza.100 % Bio Security can be maintained at the Breeder farm level so that we can minimize the incidence of the Avian Influenza.Prevention is better than cure so that we need to prevent the same by the proper vaccination if required as well as by othe ...
Participation in Forum on October 31, 2011
The article is providing the info that how Darkling beetles must be considered as a one of the vectors for transmit common poultry pathogens. The risk with darkling beetles is mainly transmit the diseases is of economic importance to the poultry industry. It cause severe and adverse economic impact so the diseases can be overlooked seriously or casually dismissed. Darkling beetles and their larva ...
Participation in Forum on October 24, 2011
The Points given by Dr.Mariana Ciacciarello are really nice.All research findings were applicable under field condition. especially in the 13 hrs lighting During the laying stage for broiler breeders , Shorthorn the length of Rearing stage ,Brown out housing system and the Maternal Nutrition to get the good offspring. I request all to watch the video to get the better idea for the same.
Participation in Forum on September 23, 2011
The Red Hock and the Red Dot Problem in the Day old Chicks is Mainly associated with the Problem of Thermoregulatory mechanism during the Incubation period in the hatchery. To Prevent the same we need to maintain the Uniform Condition Temp and RH Pattern in the Setter as well as Hatcher.This Ultimately End with the Poor Performance in the Broilers.To Prevent the same we can use the PASGA ...
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