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Sandro Cerrate exactly true
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Martin Smith Thanks for your comments. This is a great input and let me explain more. In practical diets for broiler breeders the methionine (M) and cysteine (C) are limited and most diets cover the minimum requirements. And flocks fed with levels of M+C that match the requirements shows egg oversize. Why? In practical diets of broiler breeders the digestible lysine is above the requirements, mean ...
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dear I think the pasty vent will improve by a good balance in microflora too.
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Pasty vent not only related to excess fat in diet It’s also related to bacterial infection like salmonellosis at the early stages, excess dehydration. 
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Dear very interesting and practical in challenge condition, what about metabolisable energy requirement? Best regards
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Dear Alain RiggiFor gut health, I don't know which additive is the first selection (acidifier, probiotic, prebiotic and phytogenics). Based on some challenge conditions, for example, NE or Coccidiosis and normal condition, which additives are better?Thanks.
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