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dear I think the pasty vent will improve by a good balance in microflora too.
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Pasty vent not only related to excess fat in diet It’s also related to bacterial infection like salmonellosis at the early stages, excess dehydration. 
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Dear very interesting and practical in challenge condition, what about metabolisable energy requirement? Best regards
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Dear Alain RiggiFor gut health, I don't know which additive is the first selection (acidifier, probiotic, prebiotic and phytogenics). Based on some challenge conditions, for example, NE or Coccidiosis and normal condition, which additives are better?Thanks.
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Reply to Hamid Ibrahim Ismail; The basis of any meaningful trial to compare sources of a single nutrient must start from a situation where that nutrient is the one limiting the performance parameter being monitored. In this situation we are evaluating methionine (more accurately M+C) and its impact on laying performance ie egg numbers, weight, and total mass. One should usually choose a point in t ...
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This video is factually incorrect. Methionine is an essential amino acid, meaning that in higher animals it cannot be synthesised; it must be consumed within the diet. Plants and micro-organisms can synthesise methionine. Whenever a properly designed and conducted comparison trial is conducted, the equivalence of these herbal products is invariably around 3%. In other words, they are NOT effecti ...
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Anthony Quant (Kalmbach Feeds) talked about grinding, batching, pelleting and mixing, among other aspects of feed control, during the Multi-State Poultry Feeding and Nutrition Conference in Indianapolis, USA.
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