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Originality’ is not easy to find and difficult to sustain. We are proud for being originator of ‘Veterinary Ayurveda’ and pioneering phytogenic research for ensuring sustainable well-being. Since 1951, Indian Herbs has searched, researched, scientifically developed, pharmacologically tested and clinically evaluated herbal products on modern scientific lines.
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Dr. Andreas Lemme, Director of Technical Consultancy, answers the question: what hinders or limits protein reduction today? “Firstly, one needs to have good knowledge about the composition and quality of feed ingredients. Technologies are available to quickly get the required information. In the context of amino acid nutrition, we have developed near-infrared spectroscopy calibrations to get the f ...
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Fertility and Animal Health are the biggest costs to animal production and productivity on New Zealand farms. Selisseo targets both of these tremendously.' says Trina Parker, Country Manager at BEC Feed Solutions.
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