Asif Cheema
M.SC. (Honors) A.H- Nutrition
Provide Consultancy in Poultry specially in Feed formulation and quality control.
M.SC. (Honors) A.H- Nutrition
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Thanks a lot for the valuable suggestions. What are the other ways to improve the fertility and hatchability?
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I think probiotics and prebiotics help in the color improvement of the shell color by improving gut health and ultimately immunity of the hens.
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Dear Dr. Sharma, I have read your artcicle Feeding of whole grains to Broilers. this type of experiments had been conducted before and showed different results. Sometimes better weight gain and better FCR are shown but I do not agree to that I had many times experienced that when the birds are fed whole grains like different weeds present in the wheat middlings. The seeds got germinated and grew t ...
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