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Suleman Arshad,This can be marek's or leukosis. We generally don't get to see marek's lesions after 30 weeks. Nowadays, we are seeing a lot of cases in old layers. If you are interested to know what it is, better to send samples for histopathology or rt-pcr.
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Shreyank Hampi Can you please share your contact details? I live in India and I would interested to know more details! I have also sent you an email couple days back on the address you have given, you can find my contact details in there! Thanks!
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Prolapse of the cloaca is a multifactorial problem observed in layersMost of the commercial firms make selection for high egg production in white and brown linesToday most of the commercial lines are excellent lines with a high potential og high productivity for a long the past, some of the prolapse problems observed were more related to the genetic selection, but in the last decade almost ...
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Fully agree! My own experience also suggests that the main reason for prolapse these days is underweight birds! Managing body weights and uniformity in the flock at sexual maturity is very crucial in avoiding prolapse and attaining peak production!
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Dr. Deepak Khosla, General Manager Marketing at Venky's India Limited, sums up the principal aspects of the exchange of knowledge in the field of mycotoxins during a visit to the facilities of SAMITEC, PEGASUS, LAMIC, and the University of Santa Maria in Brazil, invited by Special Nutrients.
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Thank you Dr.Christian for the valuable information. I would like to add - Sodium diformate is currently being used in India in breeders as well as commercial birds and the results are highly encouraging. Typical observations in breeders are reduction in daily mortality (which is usually taken as non specific or some times diagnosed as enteritis) also, there are reports of improvement in the hatch ...
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Very good article. Thanks Dr.Duraisamy. Sure, nutrition & body weight at sexual maturity play vital role in the egg size & weight. Thanks for discussing various other aspects also.
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Dear Dr.Christian, Thank you for your elaborate explaination.
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Thank you much for the info about Embryo physiology during last incubation period and in egg nutrition ! I will check it out.
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Dr. Christian, Thank you very much for your highly informative article. Use of organic acid for the control of dreadful pathogens is now well established in the developed countries. Unfortunately, in the underdeveloped / developing countries, use of antibiotics is still a routine practice. In comparison to the organic acids the Antibiotic Feed Supplements are much cheaper and as no government regu ...
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