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Get an easy way to measure heat stress in your dairy farm and save your income from going up in smoke! Think about our Phileo heat stress App for dairy cows.
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Cold weather is not just hard on the people taking care of animals, it can be tough on the animals themselves. Consider respiratory disease (pneumonia) in dairy calves. It’s not just our imagination that cold temperatures often bring with them an increase in sick calves; there are physiologic reasons why cold weather increases the risk of respiratory disease. Cold weather enhances the g ...
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INTRODUCTION An adequate supply of macro and micronutrients, such as trace minerals (e.g., Zn, Mn, Cu, Co), is important for ensuring an optimal transition from pregnancy to lactation (Andrieu, 2008). For instance, trace minerals have critical roles in a variety of physiological process, particularly antioxidant defense, and a deficiency may depress immunity especially in peripartal or transition ...
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Dr. Àlex Bach, Research Professor. Department of Ruminant Production, IRTA talks to us during Phileo's Global Ruminant Symposium on Health & Management in Toulouse, France.
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BackgroundCows around calving time experience a depression on immune function partially due to the marked negative energy balance (NEB), which results when cows cannot ingest enough nutrients to support dietary requirements for milk production. During this time, methionine (Met) as one of the first limiting AA in dairy cows may be in limited supply. Research has demonstrated that Met plays a key r ...
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BackgroundWater is the most important nutrient for calves and plays an important role as solvent of nutrients, rumen development, thermoregulation and other functions in the body. In addition other researchers found that calves started feed consumption earlier and consumed more when unlimited access to clean drinking water is available. Generally, water comprises 70 to 75% of the weight of the cal ...
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In transition, especially considering several factors before birth is important for Discussion rations are: 1 - observe cation anion difference diets 2 - balanced food requirement 3 - Whereas the animals is our first generation or from the abdomen of the protein must be properly formulated 4 - Contrary to belief that the use of friendship in the straw, I do not accept this because we In th ...
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