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Steve Leeson
Health, welfare, nutrition, productivity, food safety, environment - those are key words for the Poultry Health Research Network (PHRN). Established in 2012, we are a network of poultry researchers and poultry health specialists who address a wide range of issues - from basic biology, to environmen...
His main area of research is potential for manipulation of eggs and poultry meat as it impacts human health. They have been working on incorporation of omega-3 and other polyunsaturates into eggs for some 10 years, and most recently have been studying the transfer efficiency of lutein into eggs. Lutein is known to sustain eye health in humans, and eggs will likely become a major dietary source of this nutraceutical. Other research involves the use of medium chain triglycerides to impact gut health in the absence of antibiotic growth promoters.
Milton, Ontario, Canadá
Academic / scientific
Veterinary Doctor
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