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As Alexander Flemming and Luis Pasteur has a prudent use of antibiotics.This type of alternates will be good for mankind and even animals also.This is an outstanding effort on part of DELACON BIOTECHNIK.I congratulate their whole team.Authority which approved this product is also worth a lot of thanks.This is a real break through.
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Its a crisp n to the point piece of helpful information.This is just in time information, coz performance expectation form bird is so high that stress and immuno-suppression has become common.Proper vaccination and biosecurity are the key words for sustainance.This article has touched that well
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We all are looking for the alternates to common antibiotics.Probiotics seems to be quite promising.But we are not able to depend on them as we depend on antibiotics,because we have opposite results in variuos trials.Still probiotics have not gained the universal acceptance.Some work need to be done in field, because alternate to antibiotic is a need.
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