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Consultant Veterinarian
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Consultant Veterinarian
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Heat stress make a lot of change in the animal. One that it is more important for live and performance is that the antioxidant "bag" is reduced because lack of this product in diet. To cope with this, the bird increase (?) the production of antioxidant enzymes as glutation peroxidase, but this need not only Se but Glutation. Cysteine needed for this glutation comes from metil-cicle that is push by ...
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It must be kept in mind that YCW solutions like Safmannan, will have a much broader and more efficacious effect. Safmannan is able to bind pathogenic bacteria and will thus control the growth of opportunistic bacteria. Additionally, it will assist in the preservation of the tight junction integrity and in that way control bacterial translocation and gut inflammation. The control of gut inflam ...
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Heat stress continues to be a challenge, and any contribution to knowledge is welcomed. However, I would correct some of the points raised recently. Use of methionine sources will inevitably reduce heat stress, as correct formulation to SID amino acids will reduce crude protein content and thus energy expended in excreting excess nitrogen.The choice of methionine source needs to account for this. ...
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April 2, 2009
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