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What are the critical factors to reaching optimal eggshell quality? Hear what Megharaja Manangi -senior research scientist, Novus International- said about this topic during IPPE 2020, in Atlanta, USA.
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A study published in 2003 comparing the nutrition and genetics of broilers from 1957 to a commercially available broiler strain estimated that within less than 50 years of development, broilers were reared to maturation in a third of the time (Havenstein et al., 2003). This shows clear evidence that improvements in genetics, nutrition and management of rearing meat producing chickens has continual ...
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Introduction Poultry meat is one of the most important protein sources in human diet and production is worldwide growing. Global poultry meat production in 2000 was 69 million tons and this increased to over 97 million tons in 2010 (Windhorst, 2011). This equates to an annual production of approximately 70 billion broilers originating from approximately 600 million broiler breeders. So a relati ...
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Ashley Stephens, Technical Service Manager, Poultry Nutrition at Evonik Animal Nutrition, speaks about the main aspects of AMINONIR®. Evonik has developed specific calibrations for the prediction of crude protein, dry mater, essential, and non-essential amino acids for all major feed ingredients.
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Precision Livestock Farming approach to help manage flocks Holistic method for better understanding, optimized status and appropriate action New digital approach being demonstrated at VIV Asia 2019 Evonik is promoting its holistic approach to livestock management at this year’s VIV Asia in Bangkok, Thailand, from 13 to 15 March. Johann Fickler, Animal Nutrition’s Vice Preside ...
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Congratulation Dr.Ekachai,and hope to meet you at VIV Asia.
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Dr. Ekachai Jenwitheesuk (Ph.D.) will serve as technical manager in Southeast Asia & the Pacific Dr. Ekachai Jenwitheesuk, veterinarian, specialized in microbiology, has been appointed as ICC Brazil’s new technical manager to Southeast Asia. ICC Brazil is a company which offers innovate solutions aimed at animal health and performance, as well as food safety. Dr. Ekachai is an expert ...
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At Phileo we understand that visiting a fair can be exhausting. That’s why this year at VIV Asia, we’re offering you all you need to boost your energy levels, while learning how Phileo delivers 4 innovative nutritional and health solutions for animals around the world safeguarding the farmers revenue. Finding new solutions to meet the needs of future generations is a challenge tha ...
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Really interesting product range.
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Vitfoss/Vilofoss is now ready to roll out a new, digital product catalogue. The product catalogue provides each farmer with rapid access to the entire product range from his/her mobile phone, tablet and computer. Vitfoss/Vilofoss just launched its new and improved e-product catalogue with a broad range of Vitfoss/Vilofoss products. The products are within Vilofoss’ pri ...
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