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Oumed M Amin
Participation in Forum on February 1, 2015
Dear Dr. Cook, Do you think protectotype vaccines still can be regarded a good strategy against different variant field strains? BR Oumed
Participation in Forum on January 30, 2015
First we must type the isolated salmonella spp if it poultry specific no problem otherwise the flock should be condemned as eggs are not suitable for human use!!
Participation in Forum on May 22, 2014
Dear Dr. de Wit, Does High score of bursa/BW in case of immunocomplex vaccine means immunosuppression? Best Regards Oumed
Participation in Forum on October 8, 2013
Dear ProfessorThanks for this interesting information.I would like to know the possibility of testing oils and fats using NIR for finding energy?How?ThanksOumed
Participation in Forum on October 8, 2012
Dear DR. Gary, Thanks A very informative article. Oumed MSc poultry disease
Participation in Forum on July 19, 2012
Dear Dr. Yannik, Interesting video about Gumboro Disease.  Does immunosuppression induced by Gumbo-lL vaccine responsible for high mortality due to respiratory diseases in broilers. Usually Gumbo-L vaccine is used at 14 days of age, and high mortality starts 3-4 days post vaccination. Our region is endemic with H9N2 AI m IBV QX strain and Mycoplasma.    Best regards  Oum ...
Participation in Forum on December 10, 2011
Dear Dr., I also used vectored vaccine POX-AE-Mg with no results. MG infection was confirmed by sequential Elisa titer after vaccination. Regards Oumed
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March 16, 2009
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