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Very good & informative article about Necrotic enteritis.Here another important thing needs to be discussed and that is the occurrence of the disease in hot and humid weather? In my field experience, I have seen the disease more common in summer than in any other season.
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dear all, i am really thankful to you for your valuable comments, spacially those who creticised the idea. infact the purpose of this idea was to invite you people to discuss about the possibility of converting this idea in to a practical shape.on my side i am trying to make it possible as one of my friend said NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. i am once again thanking all of you with a request to share an ...
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The performance of an animal especially a dairy depends on the reproduction performance,this is a very informative article providing amense of information regarding the management of reproductive system. regards Dr.Saadat Ali Changezi D.V.M
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An intersting and informative article..
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The need of perfect biosecurity measures in livestock and poultry operations have always been of great concern for the farmers. A perfect biosecurity measure in such operations ends in a perfect production out put. The author has sumed up all the aspects of the procedure very well. regards Dr.Saadat Ali Changezi
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Hatchability has always been a matter of concern for the breeding farm and hatchery managers it is always desired by the day old chicks producers to get maximum number of chicks in a hatch,however in addition to many factors affecting the hatchability as the author describes handling of hatching eggs is of utmost importance to get maximum hatchability.The cost of automation should not be a problem ...
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Beautiful and informative article,however needs to be a little more short it is a good article. Dr.Saadat Ali Changezi
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In todays poultry operations especially in obsolete trends of farming these are very common problems one face on daily bases,however this is an informative article on the gout.good luck. Dr.Saadat Ali Changezi
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This is a good article. However, we should not take it easy.
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A very important and sensitive topic discused here, being veterinary scientists we should take care of the environment around our farms to minimize the risk of pollution. Dr. Saadat Ali Changezi
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