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We will be present at the ILDEX INDONESIA held between 18-20 September in Jakarta, Indonesia. This trade show brings together a broad group of specialists and professionals as well as opinion leaders in the field of poultry, dairy farming, and aquaculture. HANGZHOU DE MARK will be participating in this top important exhibition as a platform to show our great enthusiasm to this fast-growing mark ...
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Addition of sulfur amino acid like methionine to feed contaminated with aflatoxin improved production performance in poultry. Addition of methionine in diet helps to increase hepatic glutathione (GSH) concentration, which may aid to protect liver against aflatoxicosis.Dr. Ram Singh Bibyan
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Ewa Sujka, from Liptosa company, had us a short interview where she spoke about their best seller product, MethPlus. She talked about the product being tested on laying hens and without a negative impact on laying performance and egg quality. In fact she said the product reduced the cost of the diet and makes you save money. She also spoke about the improvement the product gives to egg quality.
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Quality is the challenge in the herbal medicines/ products. We are mostly focusing on the quality and not compromised with the price that's the reason all the herbal products of Ayurvet show better efficacy. In case of mastitis as we know sub-clinical mastitis is of great concern because farmers can only see the outer manifestation of disease in form of clinical signs. Mastilep woks better for pre ...
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During the past 20 years, there have been significant improvements in animal nutrition, housing, waste management, and mechanization, but little progress has been made in increasing reproduction. Unfortunately, there are no quick and easy solutions for improving reproductive performance. Livestock farmers generally appreciate the time and input costs required to grow animals from birth to market w ...
News published on March 2, 2016
Ayurvet limited recently took a novel initiative and provided a one month internship to a DVM from S. Korea, Mr. Matthew Kwon. Mr Matthew has been associated to Ayurvet since long, and was keen to learn about herbal products particularly Ayurvet's flagship Product, Mastilep. As per Mr. Matthew, "It has been a life time experience for me to get such a unique training from Ayurvet Limited, I will c ...
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