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Udi Ashash Dear Dr Ashash. Please read accurately what I have wrote. There is no contradiction with your reply. + Take in consideration that a good application of live vaccines is a huge problem among farmers.nati
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Dr. Beny Perelman 1. Massachusetts Not Manchester2. Var ll strain was controlled perfectly with vaccines from group 793B + Mass type in layer pullets and heavy pullets in Israel (Against the "False Layer" manifestation). The protectotype concept works very well. Later in age Var ll was added to heavy pullets to confer more specific immunity to the flock (for the production period).3. The Var ll va ...
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Dear Dr. Horacio Raúl TerzoloThank you for your reply.A professional presentation must indicate that those antimicrobial products are NOT allowed to be used in layer hens. This will contribute to the importance of all prevention methods needed to be taken, as treatment of affected birds is NOT allowed.In Israel treatment is allowed only with products registered for use in layers (CTC, Tylos ...
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Dear authors, Your recommended treatments are not allowed for use in layers. There is no indication in your article regarding residues of drugs in the eggs and the effect on human health. Good presentation BAD attitude ! Dr Nati Elkin
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