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Zahed Abbasi, Here, we have the same results. specially nº 1. It is always effective to reduce the size of the egg, to reduce prolapses. Less methinine, less unsaturated oils ..... But we cannot correct genetics and "hasty" breeding.
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When I was studying at the university, the subject "biological chemistry" (1971) already mentioned the relationship between betaine and methionine. But in turn, also in nutritional terms in poultry farming, methionine could be interconverted into cystine and vice versa. Choline also appeared as a methyl donor. My experience in this question is that it is a metabolic question where it is not clear ...
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It is unthinkable that at this point in history, Escherichia coli continues to be a problem. Perhaps we have thrown antibiotics by the window prematurely, without having an effective alternative.
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