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AlzChem, is a German specialty chemicals producer, founded in 1908 AlzChem is the leading western creatine producer of creatine for human sports, fitness and nutrition since the 1990s. Since 2011 AlzChem sells creatine in the form of GAA (Creamino®) to the animal nutrition markets. AlzChe...
Article published the February 24, 2023
In times of high feed costs the improvement of the creatine status of fattening pigs permits a reduction in dietary energy. Guanidino-acetic acid supplemented to pig feed optimises the creatine status of the cells and enhances cellular energy efficiency. Creatine plays a central role in the cellular energy metabolism and homeostasis by storing and transporting high energy phosphates through t ...
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The current global crises pose several different challenges to nutritionists all over the world. Many feed components are increasingly scarce. Due to the manifold recent interferences, this shortage unfortunately affects both, raw components such as wheat, corn or even soybean and sunflower meal as well as synthetic nutrients and additives. This results in enormous economic pressure on feed formul ...
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