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Each year, about one in 10 people worldwide become sick with foodborne illnesses, resulting in 420,000 deaths out of a total infected population of 600 million people. The WHO (World Health Organization) estimates that a total of 33 million years of healthy life are lost worldwide each year due to the consumption of contaminated foods. Diarrheal diseases are responsible for most of this global b ...
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Customer experience of Actisaf® Sc 47 HR+ new generation has confirmed previous trials evidence of the live yeast probiotic’s highly effective performance in the face of modern pellet processing demands. User feedback from companies in Europe and Asia has enhanced the product’s reputation, building on the results of 125 pilot trials, carried out before the new generation version ...
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Over the past decades, genetic improvements have stimulated broiler production resulting in birds weighing ± 3kg in 42 d. To reach this genetic potential, the absorption and digestion of nutrients and according morphological and functional development of the small intestine in the early life must be impeccable. Before hatch, uptake of nutrients by the chicken embryo is limited but rapid inc ...
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Gut infections can be a major source of efficiency loss, downtime and additional costs for veterinary treatment. Microbiota stabilization is central to the health of the digestive system. By reinforcing the commensal microflora, probiotics help to combat stress and maintain good overall animal health. Aside from the positive effect on productivity, probiotics also help to improve animal welfare. ...
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A data-mining approach to help understanding key-technological parameters. Efficiency and productivity in the feed industry are rapidly increasing to meet a growing consumer demand in terms of safe and sustainable animal products. In this context, the feed industry has adopted the use of additives as an alternative solution to replace the use of antibiotics. Pre- and probiotics, as live yeast, ...
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Nutritional strategies to minimize weaning negatives impacts on piglet’s health and performance are quite as important at piglet’s production system. At this stage, they are vulnerable to stress consequences caused by nutritional, environmental, social and immunological changes. The negative impacts of the weaning on performance are related with intestine villous injuries and subsequen ...
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Microsaf® is a unique association of three proprietary strains from 3 Bacillus species, carefully chosen to produce improvements in feed efficiency, gut function and microbiota, and overall growth performance in birds. The performance of Microsaf® is enhanced by Germination Optimization Technology (GO Technology®), a new process designed to promote faster and stronger Bacillus spore germination.
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