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Dr. Riggi, Very good approach to recover and maintain cellular homeostasis. How do you use these 3 products in a program (protocol for example)? On the other hand, you say that you use Vitamin E and Selenium; you know that Vitamin E does not penetrate the cell, it is fat soluble. How can it be effective at the cell level if it is only active at the level of cell membranes?
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Hi, I am not talking about Vit E, but about Selenium enriched yeast. This is a source of organic Se, used in the prevention of the effects of oxidative stress. Vit E is involved in this process but we do not supply this product. The program we propose is the following:- Selsaf 3000 at 65 g/T (0.2 ppm organic Se in the feed) during the whole production cycle of the chickens- Safglucan at 125 g/T in ...
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George Entz, Hi, Selsaf 3000 standardized production process guarantees a high concentration of organic Se and a consistent active seleno-compound profile. Se content is always higher than 3000 ppm: 36% SeCys and other active seleno-compounds and 63% SeMet. More info on: Kind regards Alain
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Alain Riggi, Global Species Manager Poultry chez Phileo by Lesaffre, explique comment réduire la salmonelle en utilisant une fraction de levure sélectionnée, à l'IPPE 2020
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IntroductionAdvances in genetics has certainly produced commercial strains of poultry and pig with greater performance (e.g. growth, reproduction) with minimal feed input. For example, over the last 5 decades, the body weight of broilers at 42 days has increased by 25-50 g per year and the feed conversion ratio to 2 kg body weight has improved 2-3 points annually (Havenstein et al., ...
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Lack of adequate controls or decontamination procedures render many breeding chicken flocks susceptible to avian salmonellosis, either from contaminated environments or between birds and their young within the flock. Salmonella Pullorum (S. Pullorum), causing pullorum disease, and Salmonella Gallinarum (S. Gallinarum), causing fowl typhoid, are two major salmonellosis diseases that can seriously i ...
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To provide in vitro evidences on the antimicrobial effect of yeast cell wall (YCW), the effectiveness of YCW fractions in inhibiting the growth of several C. perfringens strains was quantitatively determined. The bacterium was grown in the presence of different YCW fractions at different concentration levels. The effect of YCW fractions on the growth parameters was analyzed. One product out of fou ...
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This trial was done to determine broiler live performance to 42 days, under a hot climate in India. 2080 VenCobb 400 broilers were allocated in 4 groups with 26 birds per floor pen and 20 replicates per group: negative control group (NC), positive control group (PC), direct-fed microbial group (DFM) at Log 5 CFU/g of feed and Bacitracine group (BMD) at 500 g/T of feed. The DFM product was composed ...
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Each year, about one in 10 people worldwide become sick with foodborne illnesses, resulting in 420,000 deaths out of a total infected population of 600 million people. The WHO (World Health Organization) estimates that a total of 33 million years of healthy life are lost worldwide each year due to the consumption of contaminated foods. Diarrheal diseases are responsible for most of this global bur ...
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Customer experience of Actisaf® Sc 47 HR+ new generation has confirmed previous trials evidence of the live yeast probiotic’s highly effective performance in the face of modern pellet processing demands. User feedback from companies in Europe and Asia has enhanced the product’s reputation, building on the results of 125 pilot trials, carried out before the new generation version ...
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