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EVONIK ANIMAL NUTRITION Better feed for better food: the science of animal nutrition is one of the keys to efficient and sustainable livestock production. And our cutting-edge feed additives, services  and  software solutions play an essential role in the process. Our proven holisti...
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Claudia Parys, Ruminant Nutritionist - Global Technical Support at Evonik Animal Nutrition, points out the challenges of sustainability in feed production nowadays, How Mepron® (Rumen-Protected DL-Methionine) can benefit dairy cattle producers, combat oxidative stress and improve milk production...
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Dr Anup Kalra Mepron® mini-pellets carry 85% methionine – that’s top of the class. Thanks to the unique coating technology, Mepron® is stable in all mixing and conveying procedures in a feed mill and in a TMR. It delivers 60% of metabolizable methionine to the cow which makes it the most e?cient rumen protected methionine. The typical daily dose is 8-15g.
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To meet the challenges of our growing population sustainably, livestock feeding practices need to be improved. Optimized protein supply plays a major role, which is where Mepron® from Evonik comes in. Learn more about how your farm can benefit from this important feed additive in this short video.
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Hello Without data on feed composition it is impossible to draw any conclusions from this report. Please can you post the FULL composition of the diets, ie % inclusion of each and every raw material. Then at least we can determine if another nutrient is actually the limiting factor in performance. MPS
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A misconception may exist that the immune system is too complex or not sufficiently defined to be understood by those outside of hospitals, veterinary clinics or research laboratories. This review therefore aims to describe the cells and pathways involved in the immune system, through a comparison of this system to military structure and defense strategies common to many countries throughout the w ...
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ConclusionThe present study conducted at Schothorst Feed Research resulted in an average bioavailability of MHA-FA and diluted DLM65 of 65% and 61%, respectively compared to MetAMINO® considering the overall growth and carcass parameters.These results demonstrate that the relative bioavailability of MHA-FA is significantly lower than its active content of 88% and consistent with the 2018 EFSA ...
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