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Anderson has over 125 years of experience in oilseed processing. The Expeller® Press is specifically engineered for soybean and other seed oil extraction, with proven lower operating and maintenance cost, and the 12" DOX™ Extruder is the largest dry extruder for soybean on the market. Download the information brochure of these products in this news. The Expeller&re ...
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Many thanks Joe about the topic !!, Joe Kearns is my friend and he has more than 42 years working with Wenger selling Extruders and Dryers for petfood and aquafeed, so he really can manage this Forum in a technical approach. Extrusion cooking systems, I will speak in particuar to single screw extrusion as well twin screw extrusion. Both machines must be fed with a specific formulation regarding ...
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From January 30th to February 1st, 2018, the XXIII International Industrial Trade Fair “MVC: Cereals – Mixed Feed – Veterinary - 2018” will take place in Pavilion N° 75 at the Exhibition of National Economy Achievements (VDNH) in Moscow, Russia. The International Grain Forum will be organized on the 1st of February by Marketing Centre “Expokhleb” in t ...
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Well-recognized company based in the United States which manufactures process equipment and engineered systems, distribution and marketing of machinery, is currently looking for: Engineer. Requires basic knowledge of handling and process of extraction of oils from oilseeds, and process of animal feed including pet food. Fully bilingual in English and Spanish. Candidates must be able t ...
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