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Yosi Pinchasov
Ph.D. Animal Nutrition; Poultry Nutrition and Management
Laboratory for Animal Feeds Animal Production Services for Farms and Industry Consulting in how to use industrial by-products as animal feed Expert in edible oil analysis and use
Ph.D. Animal Nutrition; Poultry Nutrition and Management
Participation in Forum on February 11, 2019
Good abstract
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Chickens and other poultry products are some of the most popular primary food products throughout the world1. However, poultry products can be contaminated by pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella and Campylobacter thus their presence has been frequently implicated in outbreaks associated with consumption of poultry products2–4. As consumers become more interested in food safety and the con ...
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Absolutely correct no need of using any hormones for today's breeds, thanks to the genetic and nutrition technology we could reach the tremendous potential of the chicken where we are seeing 2kg plus body weight in 34 days in broilers and 340 eggs in commercial layers. It's, in fact, our responsibility to educate, create awareness how could we achieve this. It's not a consumers mistake f ...
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April 30, 2013
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Professional Title: Ph.D. Animal Nutrition; Poultry Nutrition and Management
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