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Prof. Dr. Ayyat Mohamed Salah
Aquaculture management Toxicology Feed additives
Article published the July 27, 2017
IntroductionIn developing countries, rabbits are an excellent and economical producer animals for protein to satisfy the ever-increasing demand human needs (Nehad et al., 2009). Feed is the major item of cost in the animal production. In particular, protein represents a substantial cost but it is considered the most important component in the ration as the high-protein feed being viewed as superi ...
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Article published the July 20, 2017
IntroductionEgyptian aquaculture has grown rapidly, with annual production reaching 705,000 tons in 2009 – up from 57,000 tons in 1994. Per capita consumption of fish in Egypt rose from8.5 kg to 15.4 kg/ capita/ year between 1996 and 2008. Population increase and rising consumer search for lower-cost alternatives to expensive meat and poultry are driving this demand. Fish are important prote ...
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Participation in Forum on February 3, 2014
Dear Dr. Benjamin Akpoilih In our study we used dietary protein source and zinc supplementation and their interaction, but we did not use the phytase. Our study can be cited in the other study in the relation between protein and energy level or source and dietary zinc addition
Participation in Forum on November 28, 2012
Zinc is an essential element many functions are recognized such as it is an essential part or a cofactor for a number of enzymes including carbonic anhydrase, carboxypeptidase, superoxide dismutase, lactate dehydrogenase, phosphatase and glutamate dehydrogenase (Prosser and Brown, 1966, Williams, 1969 and NRC, 1993). As a component of carbonic anhydrase, zinc playes a role in binding carbon dioxid ...
Article published the April 3, 2012
IntroductionOzone (O3) is a three-atom allotrope of oxygen held together by unstable bonds. A single oxygen atom breaks away easily and reacts with most of the organic and inorganic molecules that it contacts (Lawson 1995). This makes ozone a powerful oxidizing agent, reacting directly and indirectly with other compounds. Indirect reactions occur when ozone decomposes into radicals and these react ...
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Participation in Forum on January 19, 2012
Dr. Jenan Najdat Al-bazzaz Dr. Zahid Hasan Dr. Nitin Suryavanshi Dr. Pardeep Bansal Please visit my websit: There are many manuscripts published in scientific journals related to the use on natural clay
Participation in Forum on January 19, 2012
In this study we used bentonite. Natural clays are crystalline alumino-silicates characterized by their ably to exchange cations without major changes in structure. Zeolite and bentonite are the most common natural clays wed in animal production. Natural clays can be used as feed binders hi feed manufacturing. Natural clays can adsorb toxic products of digestion and decrease the accumulation of t ...
Participation in Forum on January 18, 2012
Mr. Zahid Hasan Dear colleague Please sent your Email, and Thank You for your comment
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Dr. Farhad Khaligh Gharetappeh Thank You for your comment
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