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B. Sc. A. H. And M. S. in Poultry Science
First of all I would like inform you that I am working in Agro based Farm for 18 years. At beginning I start at Dhaka Hatchery limited 2nd in M M Agha limited. Then Bangla way Farm House limited, Dhak
B. Sc. A. H. And M. S. in Poultry Science
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Respiratory problems are among the most important problems facing the poultry industry in Egypt. It is the first problem in poultry breeding farms, regardless of the type of poultry reared in these farms (broiler breeders- layer breeders- commercial broilers – commercial layers-native breeds). There are many factors that help to spread these respiratory problems in poultry farms such as: &n ...
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Thanks for your valuable information.My question why we get cocci infection after vaccination?
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Yes, you are right.
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Super topice.
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Very good information.
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Thanks .Anna-Maria Kluenter
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Thanks, Dr. Mike for your valuable information.
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  Ole Lund Svendsen, Marketing Director at DSM Nutritional Products, talks to us about the Intestinal Health Workshop sponsored by DSM Nutritional Products which took place at North Carolina State University in the USA
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We appreciate your write up on organic acids in poultry feed. We are currently successfully marketing organic acid formulation with MOS, B glucan and Oregano oil on a unique carrier. Raafres our formulation has energy value 4159 Kcal/kg. It continues giving excellent performance as a sustained release of organic acids. It keep acidified poultry GI tract from Crop to Cloaca. Improved FCR, weight ga ...
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