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Article published the August 2, 2022
IntroductionCoccidiosis caused by the apicomplexan protozoan of genus Eimeria (E) is a common and costly diseases associated with poultry production across the world.1,2 There are several species of chicken coccidia, i.e., E. maxima, E. mitis, E. necatrix, E. praecox E. tenella, E. acervulina, E. hagani, E. mivati and E. brunetti. Among the listed species, E. maxima, E. tenella, and E. acervulina ...
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INTRODUCTION For many years, broiler intestinal health was supported by the widespread use of antimicrobial growth promoters (AGPs). These AGPs are antibiotic substances that were added to the feed at subtherapeutic levels, leading to improved animal performance. In the European Union, the use of AGPs was banned in 2006 while the Center for Veterinary Medicine of the US Food and Drug. Administr ...
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