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Jarra Jagne Let's discuss avian medicine proper. Does the farm in question have history of cecal worms heterakis gallinarum which is a known vector of histomoniasis.? From the age brackets of these chicken I guess strongly that this pathology is pathognomonic of avian leucosis j ( ALJ)
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Dr. Md. Beplob Hossain(DVM, MS Medicine) Bangladesh Rodent and lizard control are key to controling Fowl Cholera.It is not airborne! So keep your eyes on these pests . Their urine and fecal droppings are incriminating factors. Dr Charles C Ibe DVM FCVSN ( avian medicine)
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Any avian respiratory disease that causes ciliostasis of the respiratory tract gives APEC organisms greater opportunity to invade and wreak havoc eg Mycoplasmosis , aspergilosis etc
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This topic is an interesting topic. History findings through owners, flock managers and supervisors is key to inroad into diseases diagnosis. Remember these animals don't talk but you must fix out presumptive diagnosis for further investigations and early treatment to avoid explosion of mortality. I will define disease in every host including man as a state of negative ease. In furtherance to quiz ...
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Ismaila Ahmed Viracid is a virucidal disinfectant that will cut down external load. Bacterial diseases are difficult to eradicate inside the flock. Breaking the cycles in flock build-up is the gear point here. Alternate the sensitive antibiotics to avoid resistance. Finally, increase the dose as the flock continues to age to extend relapse period. I mostly prefer intramuscular injectables.
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Ismaila Ahmed Most bacterial diseases have come to stay in poultry stock through out their life cycle,from my experience. All you need is periodically cut down the bacterial load to non clinical status. Stoppage will attract a build up load relaunch!. Your vet will advise you to use anti bacterial that has zero withdrawal time. This is my humble advice.
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Teresa M. Agulles Teixidó Sure, the damaging effect of Coccidia organisms on the gut's lumen creates room for the invasiveness of the incriminating vegetative stage of clostridial organisms. The game plan here is to eliminate coccidia as condition precedence
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Dr Charles Ibe We have many successful cases about treating necrotic enteritis with our plant extracts, no antibiotic needed. But if coccidia is present, the situation gets much more complicated, and coccidia needs to be eliminated first.
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Where drugs are abused resistant pathogenic strains emerge. E. Coli is opportunistic pathogens. They become pathogenic when subjected to a lot of predisposing factors that already enumerated. The amino penicillins like ampicillin and amoxicillin are good threat to the pathogens. Areas where m. gallisepticum are recurrent based on poor parental and grand parental raising, makes the disease to be pr ...
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