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Article published the September 14, 2017
Some producers complain that their meat or egg type chickens suffer from problems in bone or egg shell quality when they include phytase in the diet as a partial substitute for the inorganic phosphorus sources (MCP; DCP; bone meal) according to the matrix value provided by the manufacturing company. Under field conditions, phytase activity is controlled by several par ...
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Hi Nasser, Very informative discussion, on the biggest challenge for animal farmers. Am a feeds manufacturer in Kenya, and I always source my raw materials direct from millers and oil extraction companies, with a hope of having very little contamination or adulteration. How can you help me improve on the digestibility of these raw materials? so that what I produce can be beneficial to the anima ...
Article published the June 9, 2017
IntroductionFeed pelleting can be defined as conversion of finely ground mash feed into dense, free flowing pellets or capsules, in a process involves steam injection (moisture & heat) and mechanical pressure.There are several advantages for feeding broilers on pelleted rather than mash feed. The main advantage is the improved bird performance (improved feed intake, weight gain and feed conver ...
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