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There are many factors to discuss on extrusion of fish feeds and as an option chicken feeds. Floating need approx 20 % starch normally and enough shear and pressure in the extruder to achieve expansion. More shear and more pressure equals to greater floatability and pellet strength. Preconditioning prepares the material for the extruder and too much water, which can act like oil which reduces expa ...
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Greg Mathis (Southern Poultry Research) recommended judicious use of products instead of cutting costs in feed formulation, during IPPE 2019 in Atlanta, USA.
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The main factors affecting the safety of feed include the quality of feed raw materials, the safe storage of feed raw materials, the control of the quantity of various additives in formula, the control of artificial addition in processing, the reasonable design of feed processing technology and the proper selection of the parameters, process management and feed storage management after processing. ...
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