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Luis Fernando Vergamini Luna, yes, in soybean meal, particularly in solvent extracted soybean meal a correlation exists between trypsin inhibitors and urease activity. However, today it is easier to directly determine trypsin inhibitors because there are commercial laboratories available for such an analysis and also because we have a better understanding about the levels of inhibitors indicative ...
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The identification of mild to moderate gizzard erosions (GE) in more than 20- 30% of the healthy commercial broilers examined in post mortem sessions, is commonly found in several countries in the Americas and Asia.The gizzard, also called muscular stomach, is composed of a koilin (keratenoid) layer and an underlying mucosa. GE is characterised by damage in the form of erosions that can become ulc ...
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Park W. Waldroup It is not completely useless if you know the relative value of each phytase product. I suppose the efficacy of each phytase mainly depends on pH optimums and how fast the phytase works and that is why one FTU is not always one FTU in vivo. In Danish pig production, we do not use phytase matrix values when we formulate feed. Instead, each raw material has individual values for the ...
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