Dr.Saroj Kumar Paswan
Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandary
Feed Quality audit at feed mill,Birds health services,Modern Housing Ventilation Set up.
Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandary
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INTRODUCTION Agric Trade business in Day Old Chicks( DOC) and  value chain products is still poorly developed in the West Africa sub region, and must be strengthened in order to contribute  and impact on the intra regional agricultural business and trade movement in other to increase poultry food security in the region in  line with the presidents Global Food security Response (GFS ...
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The greatest challenge for modern hatchery is to achieve uniform, high vitality flocks of day old chicks. Next to incubation technology, good hatchery management can greatly influence this. Uniformity is an important issue for a hatchery, and the use of good hatchery management practices can make a valuable and lasting contribution, from the hatchery right through to farm level.Uniform incubation ...
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Chickens and other poultry products are some of the most popular primary food products throughout the world1. However, poultry products can be contaminated by pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella and Campylobacter thus their presence has been frequently implicated in outbreaks associated with consumption of poultry products2–4. As consumers become more interested in food safety and the con ...
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Introduction The chicken meat quality on the market is increasingly valued by consumers. The achievement of the physical integrity of animals during transport and slaughter is claimed by associations of animal welfare. Many authors have reported that the transport conditions and slaughter can lead to significant economic losses and negatively affect the sanitary quality of products (Gregory and ...
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Udi Ashash (Director of Global Technical Services, Phibro Vaccines) shared the experience of Israel with highly pathogenic and low pathogenic AI, and the development of vaccines, during the Avian Influenza International Seminar 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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Dear Srs, of course, each enzyme can work alone. But generally, the best results are possible to obtain using a proper mix composition of several different enzymes. Synergic effect: each enzyme destroying their specific substrate, and as a result, these enzymes working together and stronger. Of course, composition of enzymes mix is depending on the feed receipt, because each feed contains differen ...
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