Article published the January 4, 2022
Starch is the most abundant source of energy in broiler diets, providing about 50 % of apparent metabolisable energy. Broiler diets generally contain approximately 40 % starch, which is thought to be completely digested within the small intestine. However, the microbiota in the large intestine also plays an important role in starch digestion, producing volatile fatty acids that act as an energy so ...
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Dear Alfredo, if you only feed it during the dry period, you will not have milk fat depression. S. paper by Prof. White, Madison. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0197733 Best regards Arnulf
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Bypass fat is just a cosmetic for the bottom line of feed cost calculation. Cows don't become more sustainable by fat feeding. They developed during evolution without much fat in their diet and that little bit of fat was high in Linolenic acid. So, what special treet should it be to feed cows saturated=bypass fat?. However Linolenic acid turned to a large extend into CLAs. Try it in your transitio ...
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We tend to believe that we should increase linoleic and linolenic acid in feed so that we increase them in milk fat to make milk and milk products more valuable for the consumer. However, we are creating trouble to the cow's metabolism and the consumer could easily balance out his LA and LnA requirement by taking a spoon full of them in the salad dressing. The real unique fatty acids in milk are t ...
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Going from the late dry period to early lactation requires an incredible adaptation of the cow’s metabolism. No period of her life is posing more physical and physiological challenges - with important consequences for her health. The energy requirement increases within days by factor 4. Energy intake via feed is not able to follow so the cow gets into a negative energy balance (NEBAL). That ...
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