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Many single IBV infections cause mild respiratory signs, relatively decreased body weight, and slightly higher mortality rates. Some broiler flocks experienced IBV infections diagnosed molecularly by real-time PCR and serologically by using ELISA (2x increase of mean antibody titer than expected), the cumulative mortality rate doesn't exceed 8%.IBV infection complicated with H9 AIV infection resul ...
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Distinguished Aftab Anwar.First, try to decrease the microbiological load (mo) in the environment. I recommend using 2% iodine in water, sprinkled with a thick drop. This solution in addition to helping with the mo in the environment is an excellent fibrinolytic that will help the birds to control the production of mucus. I do not know the environmental temperatures of your country, so I ask you n ...
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Flocks of hens immunized with IB vaccine virus strains 4/91 MA5 and a much better protection against variant strains of IB virus. Vaccination is done in 1 and 14 days of living with live vaccines in 8 weeks is repeated with Ma 5 and in 16 is a dead - oil vaccine.An infection with IB virus variant strains arise in laying hens and ovarian cysts oviduct(fallopian tube). I'm interested in whether a ce ...
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Blood Collection Technique to Check Titre. Figure:1
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