Article published the July 22, 2020
Previous studies showed that inclusion of polyphenol-rich plant extracts in feed improves performance in ruminants, but the effect may vary depending on the dosage used. It has been shown that polyphenols modify the digestive process through modulation of gastrointestinal microbiota and bypass of protein digestion. The rumen houses a highly complex microbiota which is able to convert indigestible ...
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Article published the April 16, 2019
Key mechanisms of action of a blend of plant extracts within the ruminants microbial systems.The results of several trials and published researches coming from every part of the world have recently brought to light new modes of action that explain the reasons why tannins foster an improvement in both animal welfare and performance, going deeper than the traditionally recognised ruminal protein by- ...
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Article published the October 22, 2018
Introduction  Tannins are commonly defined as water-soluble polyphenolic compounds ranging in a molecular weight from 500 to 3000 Daltons. Muller-Harvey (2006) reviewed the effects of different types of tannins on animal nutrition and health. Results indicates that tannins form a highly diverse group of natural products with promising nutritional, veterinary, and environmental effects. Studi ...
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Article published the July 4, 2018
Increasing effect on energy efficiency and fertilityIn dairy farming, especially with high-producing grass-fed cows, the optimisation of rumen fermentation parameters poses an important challenge. In this context, obtaining an adequate dietary energy: protein ratio is a key nutritional goal, not only for the level of performance but also for the fertility of dairy cows. When referring to the relat ...
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Article published the May 18, 2018
A key mechanism behind improvements of poultry health and productivity.The success of poultry industry is largely due to the genetic selection of broilers. Nowadays, the growth capacity of chickens has been greatly improved, implying the optimal and fast development of the digestive tract to improve feed utilisation. However, enteric disorders have raised major concerns in intensive poultry produc ...
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Article published the November 7, 2017
A sustainable alternative solution to Monensin in Beef Cattle production For decades, cattle industry has relied extensively on the use of ionophores to increase animal growth and improve feed efficiency, with the only exception of Europe after the 2006 ban on antibiotics use as growth promoters. Ionophores (e.g. monensin and lasalocid) are a class of antibiotics also widely used as coccidiostats ...
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Article published the June 26, 2017
The optimisation of the use of nitrogen (N) in ruminants diet can be highly valuable in terms of profitability and sustainability of any farm. In this study it has been assessed the use of economical source of nitrogen in combination with natural plant extracts, mainly tannins, which can influence protein metabolism in the rumen.Ruminants can make use of certain non-protein nitrogen (or NPN) compo ...
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Article published the April 11, 2017
Commercial laying hens health and production activity are continuously threatened, intensive breeding is becoming the most followed approach for many different type and size of companies. Therefore there is world-widespread agreement on nutrition key importance, since finding the right feed blend and measuring its performance is what really makes the difference for both the animal productivity and ...
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Article published the March 2, 2017
For many years dietary protein binding has been considered the main property of tannins within animal nutrition, but more recent speculations have highlighted many other mechanisms of action for tannins.Antispasmodic effect on gastrointestinal passage, reduction of rumen starch degradation, local immune response modulation and antioxidant effect are some known examples, but perhaps the most import ...
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