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Sir, please, tell me what is the ideal feed formula for balancing amino acids.
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Dear Gulshan Narang,In India the situation is different many farmers have 1 to 10 animals and management can be better provided he knows what is correct management. In many instances, it is the female folk manages livestock and also as homemaker.If a veterinary graduate can examine the animal on the day of estrus and thereafter once a week for 3 more times and has to asses the uterine tone, tubula ...
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Ratan Sukhadeo Jadhav Probably adding 2% of sodium bicarb in the feed can be cheaper or mix equal quantity of sodium bicarb and magnesium oxide. Aviod grains in very fine flour state. If total mixed ration is not possible, feed green fodder after 30 minutes concentrates if dry stover is fed wait for 1hour to feed concentrate. This is what I advise farmers with 1 to 10 cows.
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I think if you use buffer + yeast + essential oils + yucca, then you will get better results.
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Gagan deep sobti Sir, if you want to increase fat & snf % focus on digestion of fiber. First, calculate the ndf & adf % feed second use additive for rumen fermentation.
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Please explain what type of feed additive use to enhance rumen fermentation
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Can we use garlic oil and thymol with this?
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Is bypass fat improve snf
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Sir which forms of bypass fat is good in cattle feed ca soap or bio hydrogenation
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