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Sayed Mohammad Mortazavi
Doctor of veterinary medicine ,DVM,VPH,
Poultry advisor and disease diagnostic for 30 years on breeders ,broilers and layers, now I stay in Montreal,Qc,Canada.
Doctor of veterinary medicine ,DVM,VPH,
Participation in Forum on October 9, 2020
Thank you for this valuable article, I would like to know the age for the injection. The other question is about the using of a live vaccine with the inactivated vaccine? Generally, we use a mild live vaccine wit the inactivated vaccines at the first day in our farms in Iran.with the best,
Participation in Forum on September 11, 2020
The issue is very important, so the topic could be useful because explains the causative agents and also the ways for preventing the problem.
Participation in Forum on July 20, 2020
Hi, Dear Prof, Thank you for the usable information on Phytase, obviously the effect of this enzyme is very visible especially in layers.
Participation in Forum on September 19, 2018
Hello Mr. Dr KorverThank you for your lecture, Would you please explain, how we can maximize the bone calcium resource, especially during the rearing period? Although we know excessive calcium carbonate in the ration is harmful. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards,Sayed Mortazavi.
Participation in Forum on September 5, 2018
Dr. Brian Jordan Thank you for your great lecture because it is so good way to prevent the viruses and other microorganisms. I would like to reach to the additional information about the product and its use for any purposes.Regards,Mohammad Mortazavi, (Poultry Veterinarian) 
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Herman Cruz Jr Herman, the dry hydrogen peroxide system (DHP) is installed into a space according to the air supply and volume. If the entire space is fully supplied by a central air system, then the units are installed directly in the duct work and use the natural flow of air through the ducts to produce the DHP. If the space is not fully supplied by a central HVAC (which many of our hatcheries a ...
Participation in Forum on April 13, 2018
Hi, I think this is a good report and it could be a great way to control the E coli infections. I would like to know which company produce this product, and is it in the market or not?
Participation in Forum on January 9, 2018
Hi, thanks for sharing topics like this, I think biosecurity plays an important role in prevention especially, in case of Influenza, but it is not so easy to carry out.
Participation in Forum on August 9, 2016
I appreciate them a lot ,the topic is very nice and useful .
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July 15, 2014
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