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Cooling means to reduce heat stress from cows was developed over the last four decades in Israel, and are applied to a different degree of success in many farms in the world. Cooling cows in the farm is based on the daily routine, which includes of cooling the cows by a combination of wetting and forced ventilation in the waiting yard and in the feeding line. In addition, cows are force venti ...
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Dear ISRAEL FLAMENBAUM,Your work is unique and we can’t find any parallel insights from anywhere else.I am a dairy farmer from Punjab province of India, here we are in dire need of intensive cooling system as genetic potential of HF cows has improved a lot in recent years but cooling systems are not up to the mark. Every farmer is trying to do their best at individual level but that is not e ...
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As of January 2017, the FDA began a stricter regulation of antibiotics commonly used in the animal-feeding industry. Livestock and poultry producers alike have been accused of overfeeding various antibiotics, largely for growth promotion purposes (i.e., for increased feed efficiency and profitability). The ones the medical industry and the consumer have been most concerned with are those deemed m ...
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Hi dear,I want to know how much quantity of sodium bicarbonate we should reduce in dairy cow ration if we use Actisaf at proper dosage or not at all. What is the maximum per day dosage we can feed to a dairy cow or at which dosage product will start to hinder the performance and general health? I am asking because some dairy farmers here use very high doses of Actisaf during milk production compet ...
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Does anybody have practical advice for the dairy farmers like me, whose only roughage source is corn silage. And which amino acid we should add to our ration for 40 kg per day milk-producing dairy cows? Which amino acid are deficient in corn silage based rations? Dear friends, please give some advice. Knowledge is power and more powerful when shared with who had not. Please share some thought ...
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Levucell yeast by Lallemand animal nutrition, France which is also available in Punjab,India is a great product in this regard. I am dairy farming with 200 HF and Jersey cows in Punjab ,where temperature is soaring 44 degree centigrade in these days. Levucell always showed positive milk production results. It helps in maintaining the good dry matter intake of dairy cows even in harsh summer of Pun ...
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Yes , Indian breeds which produce little milk ,never feel much heat stress.But HF cows produce greater milk in India and also feel a lot of heat stress.Your method is 100% right and practical.I am managing our dairy herd of 90 Holstein cows very well in peak summers in India. For practical applications of your system,a free PDF file of research by Elanco is very helpful. But nowadays in India, a s ...
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